FMS Stories
2018 Website


School of Film and Media Studies


Dec’17 – Apr’18





00 Brief Summary

I was the lead developer and designer for my school's graduation showcase website. The website's main purpose is to provide teasers for the actual event, FMS Stories, and for users to find out more about the event through students' works.

01 The Problem, Goal and Task

The main problem is that the potential visitors do not have a platform for them to see some sneak peeks of the students work.

Thus, the goal of the website is to tackle that problem, by providing potetial visitors the basic platform for them to take a peek of the students work before deciding whether or not to attend the showcase physically.

The task is to create a user-friendly and responsive website that potential visitors can browse through to learn more about the event while also showing the School of Film and Media Studies (FMS) brand.

02 Landing Page

The landing page should be attractive enough to catch the attention of the visitor, but also include the relevant information such as event date, time and location.

It includes a custom stroke animation using GreenSock's Animation Platform, in which I forked out my own money to purchase the license to use.

03 About Page

The about page features the official FMS Stories 2018 logo, a heart representing the student's journey and story from the moment they are enrolled to the school to their graduation.

04 Exhbition Page

In the exhibition page, me and my team decided that providing quotes from the graduating students would add a nice authenticity to the website. Other than that, we showcase some of the best works from the module. The works are shown in various formats, such as photos, short snippets from full-length article, and even audio for radio works.

05 Team Page

The team page showcases the people behind FMS Stories 2018, including myself, as well as the different departments that work together hand-in-hand, day-after-day to make the exhibition experience a fulfilling one for visitors.

06 Personal Experience

I learnt a lot from FMS Stories 2018, specifically the website, where I first start to use GitHub to collaborate with 2 other coders. Other than that,I also get to expose myself to thinking on how to provide the best physical experience for visitors for the exhibition itself.

P.S: The exhibition actually include much more interactive stuff in which I developed and designed, such as microsites for certain modules. Unfortunately most was lost due to a factory system reset of the iMacs that were used to showcase those interactive pages.

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